KIF in Dresden/Germany

KIF cinema dresden postcard

On Sunday I was in cinema and I was very lucky finding this postcard. KIF - means Kino in der Fabrik.
The house was built in 1950 as a factory for tool engeneering. In 1990, the factory was closed - like many others in East Germany. From 1993 till 2005 here played a theater called TIF (Theater in der Fabrik). And on 16th March 2006 the cinema started after reconstruction work.
The cinema isn't big, it has three halls: Hall K with 158 seats, hall I with 101 seats and hall F with 49 seats and the so-called Black Salon for special events, among them Junk Room - Do You Know Cinema? (Together with friends, I won the very first of many Junk Rooms.)
The postcard shows hall K at the big picture and some details from the cinema in six little pictures. Notice the little picture top right with the room for the film projector, and the little picture bottom left with the toilet rooms. Never seen on any cinema postcard before.

Now we have Corona times, cinema has closed since March 2020. Worse than this, owner Frank Apel died on March 18th. A cinematographer with a big heart. It was ever so fascinating listenting him talking about movies and actors and cinemas. He could turn any venue into a culture palace.

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