Capitol in Döbel/Gemany

On 27 August 1937, Max Kirchberg welcomed the guests in the name of the owner Wilhelm Wortmann to the opening of the Capitol cinema in the Saxon town Döbeln. The cinema was built by Arthur Wenzel and had 651 places in one hall. It closed in 1999. Today it is a cultural heritage monument and used as a paramedical house and doctor's office.
Jens Michalski wrote a book about cinemas in the district Döbeln in the years between 1945 and 1990 ... und nächstes Jahr wie jedes Jahr. It is the best book about managing of cinemas in socialist times, I know. Michalski writes knowledgeable about the state and central administration and distribution of films and cinemas, the shortage of building material, what the administration wanted and what the audience wanted. And between them the cinema people with enthusiasm and sometimes more fantasy than allowed ...

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