Kino International in Berlin/Germany - "Die leibeigene Schauspielerin" 1964

This photo is taken in Kino International's earliest months. The advertised movie is the Soviet movie Die leibeigene Schauspielerin / The Serf Actress / Krepostnaya aktrisa (USSR 1963, Roman Tikhomirov). It is a musical in Sovscope 70, that means the movie is produced in 70 mm. The special 70 mm-technology can still be used today at Kino International.
Kino International opened on 15 November 1963, the movie realesed in East Berlin in May 1964.
The postcard is published by Gebr. Garloff KG in Magdeburg.

Just found another postcard with the same advertised movie at night, published by Dick-Foto-Verlag in Erlbach/Vogtland.

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