Kaniv in Kaniv/Ukraine

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything about this cinema in Kaniv in Central Ukraina and about cinemas at all in Kaniv. There is written "Wide screen movie theatre Kaniv" on top of the building, over the doors "Long live Marxism-Leninism!"
The film Иваново детство (Ivan's childhood) (Andrei Tarkovsky, USSR, 1962) was shot for the most part near Kaniv at the Dnieper River. 

By the way, a cinema is shown in Andrei Tarkovsky's diploma film Каток и скрипка (The Steamroller and the Violin) (1961). The cinema is named Заря (Sarya, in engl. Red sky at morning). The film Чапаев (Chapaev) (USSR, 1934) is advertising. I couldn't find anything about this cinema and the place, where the movie was made. Maybe somebody can help me to identify it. Please leave a comment.

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