Friedensgrenze in Guben/Germany

The postcard shows the cinema Friedensgrenze in Guben/Germany.
Guben is a town in East Germany, on the border between Germany and Poland. In 1945 the town has been seperated by the Oder-Neisse-Line in the German Guben and the Polish Gubin. The name of the cinema refers to this line: Friedensgrenze = Border of peace. This was an official phrase for the Oder-Neisse-Line in East Germany.
The cinema was opened on 8 March 1956 with 650 seats. After the German reunification in 1990 the West German UFA enterprise bought the house and changed the name in a simple Filmtheater Guben. The cinema closed in 2000. So Guben is now another town without a cinema.
The building still exists and designated a historic monument and decays.
I like the three young persons in front of the cinema, looking for the next adventure.

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